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    We are here to introduce to you the newest project from the guild Divine Union, arising from the extinct world Arcania, about 3 years ago. We migrated to this new world to conquer our space in an Open-PvP world. In Hydera we see a new opportunity to play with a good community of players. Our goal has always been to play clean, without the use of illegal programs, and mostly have fun.

    It turns out that now that many of our old members are without much time to play, and we miss a lot people to talk , to hunt, to defend ourselves and help. So, we are now opening recruitment for new players to join us again. We welcome all types of players, Powergamers, those who like RPG, who likes to joke around and have fun. The only thing we ask is for the player to be active, at least weekly.
    For contact we use our own TeamSpeak 3, the guild board at Tibia.com, Facebook, Whatsapp and this Forum.

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    Our goal is to form a united group that can perform all kinds of activities, such as hunts and quests, help eachother and have fun.

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    • Do not use any type of illegal program to play.
    • Respect the rules of the game as much as the guild.
    • Be active at least weekly.
    • Be willing to have fun.
    • Be willing to improve the server.

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    To join us is simple, just reply to this topic in the form below and we will contact you! Or you can send a PM to Divine Boss, Bitsa Maniac, Cyrene, Divine Dota, Divine Richard, Divine Tikkim, Divine Vimo, Fox Diesel, Gexepug, Narcisus Narcosis or Tawinz.


    Make sure to read our Guild Rules here
    Lord May Keynes

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