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    Divine Union Rules Empty Divine Union Rules

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    1) Help and respect:
        1.1) Always respect the authorities and members of the guild.
        1.2) If you can, help in your fellow guild.
        1.3) Talk always harmoniously with everyone, to avoid confusion.
        1.4) Use your power with wisdom.

    2) Guild Chat:
        2.1) In Guild Chat it is allowed to do almost everything: from games, to more serious discussions of issues both in-game and off. Always focusing on the harmony and welfare of all members present.
        2.2) The wrong use of Caps Lock and excessively simultaneous messages is prohibited.
        2.3) The Guild Chat is for everyone. If you want a private conversation, send a Private Message to who you want to discuss with.
        2.4) Whenever any guild member is in a situation of distress, cherish the silence of other members that are in the Guild Chat.
        2.5) Keep the Guild Chat always open.
        2.6) Guild Chat and Adverstising Channel are completely different channels. You can make announcements of your goods, but you do not need to send ads all the time.
        2.7) It is forbidden to use any apology of bots, OTs and any illegal programs.
        2.Cool It is prohibited to use any apology of any type of drugs, crimes and the like.
    3) PKings, Thiefings and Illegal Programs:
        3.1) Never give Random PKings.
       3.2) Do not get involved in situations that are not in the interest of the Guild.
        3.2) Never steal anyone.
        3.3) Never make use of illegal programs.

    4) Hunt areas:
        4.1) Tibia is full of respawns , do not force undesirable situations.
       4.2) When you arrive on a hunt , identify your spot.
        4.3) If someone enter the spot , explain the time you want to stay and stress that you will notify them when leaving the spot.
        4.4) Be friendly , the way of speaking changes everything.
       4.5) Be sensible and polite, know that share is also important.
       4.6) If the rules 4.2 to 4.5 arise no effect , speak one of the leaders and / or follow the 4.1 rule.

    5) Partys:
        5.1 ) Encourage hunt in parties with 4 vocations.
        5.2 ) Use the TeamSpeak , if necessary invite someone , ask a moderator .
        5.3) Busque entrar em party com players que sejam sérios e justos, com um histórico de mortes o mais limpo possível e que não estejam envolvidos em problemas.
       5.4) In the event of problems in the party , position as a member of Divine Union , follow the rules and get help with one of the leaders .

    6) Quests:
        6.1) Only members can participate in the Divine Quests , with some exceptions .
        6.2) The TeamSpeak is mandatory for all during the Quests .
        6.3) All loot from monsters are to the Guild.
       6.4 ) Access Quests are mandatory.

    7)Guild House, Outposts and Rooms:
        7.1) The areas of the Guild House and Outposts must be respected and maintained in the organization.
        7.2 ) Only members on the ranks Reverberant, Almight, Thilled, Ambrosial and residents have full access to the Guild House.
        7.3) All members with more than 15 days are allowed in the Guild Outposts .
       7.4) Os moradores deverão todo dia 05 realizar "guild deposit" dos alugueis.
       7.4 ) Residents should make every day 05 " guild deposit" of the leases .

    Cool Side Characters
        8.1) The Guild is not responsible for any not members chars activity.
        8.2) The Guild does not endorse and does not encourage members to have more of a serious character.
        8.3) All privileges are applied only to chares of Divine Union .

    9) Inactivity:
        4.1) Inform your leaders when you will be idle for more than 7 days.
        4.2) Inactivity means that you are not in Tibia so you are in Profound Introspection (14 days).
        4.3) Inactive member who is in Profound Introspection shall be expelled (7 days in profound introspection).

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