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    Mensagem por Cyrene em 6/10/2014, 5:56 pm

    Forum Rules Forumrules_zpse886d7fe

    Please follow the rules when posting on the forum.
    Topics that do not follow the rules will be removed or edited.

    Inappropriate Behavior:
    Repeated inappropriate behavior checked by administrators and forum moderators may result in a ban. Inappropriate behavior are listed below, but are not limited to these examples only:

    -Religious intolerance
    -Any kind of Obscenity
    -Drug references
    -Any kind of advertising
    -Any type of nude
    -Any Insult to a person or group
    -Images of degradating steriotypes (masc. / Fem.)

    Inappropriate use of Caps Lock:
    On the internet a word or words in Caps Lock are equivalent to shouting. Since no one likes to receive screams, threads with titles in Caps Lock will be removed.

    Post twice in a row:
    Do not post a topic in which your post is the last, only the edit it. Thus everything becomes more clear for everyone.

    Insults / Trolling / Hostility:
    Do not insult other players / moderators / administrators / users of the forum.

    The term spam can mean Sending and Posting Advertisement in Mass, or also: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Please do not do it.

    Avatars and Signatures:
    Must be appropriate for all ages, not including degrading images or language.
    The size of the signatures may not exceed 350x550.

    It is prohibited to post pictures of any kind of obscenity, nudity or drugs. Mind the proprier behavior previously highlighted. The offender may have his images deleted and his acess permission revoked.

    Bans: should not be discussed in the forum. Any topic created for this purpose will be immediately removed.

    Thank you for helping us maintain a peaceful and friendly community.

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